Treatment Options and where is Vong Medical

Current Status :

  • It is estimated that 5% to 7% of word-wide population above 65 years old will suffer from Mitral Regurgitation and more than half will suffer from Tricuspid Regurgitation.
  • We are among the few that have a fully functional solution for Mitral and Tricuspid solution replacement by trans-femoral and jugular vein approach.
  • The only solution incorporating all key features asked by doctors, including ergonomics.
  • Technology development and patenting were completed and the Pre-Clinical process started.
  • We have been approved by the ethic committee of the Israel Ministry of Health to perform pre-clinical animal trials.
  • We have strong IP status of our methodology and devices
  • Acknowledge as leading technology by the Israeli Chief Scientist at the Israeli Ministry of Science & Industry.


This design is the only one in the market that combining all the following benefits:

  • Adaptive valve technology, from the design, manufacturing and implantation.
  • Trans-femoral and jugular vein approach for Mitral and Tricuspid replacement.
  • Ultra Low Catheter’s Profile with Superior Maneuverability.
  • Eliminate Paravalvular Leak (PVL).
  • High Factor of Safety of the Heart’s Structure Strength for the Long-Term Lifetime.
  • Autonomous valve operation.
  • Valve Retrivability during procedure for re-allocation while eliminating chords caught during implantation.
  • Ergonomic, Simple and straight forward implantation procedure, can be done by anyone.