We are on a mission to revolutionize Heart Valve Replacement Treatment with our uniquely designed valves for Mitral & Tricuspid positions.

Currently, the market for these valves is valued more than $15B with a targeted audience consisting of 5%-7% of all people above the age of 65.

Our project received recognition by the “Israeli Innovation Authority” under the “Israeli Ministry of Economic & Industry” and by a number of International Start-ups conferences and health innovation competitions. We are supported by experienced practical cardiologists and clinical heart experts, that are highly appreciated worldwide and with their peers and their respective colleges praising the potential of our technological solution for heart-valves.

Our company already completed the “Proof of Value” stage, with successful animal trails studies, and moving forward according to the Class III Regulatory Requirements.

We invite investors to join our project to bring the unmet need for high-risk patients with Mitral & Tricuspid Valves diseases.

Vong Medical Ltd. Is dedicated a start-up medical device company that develops Transcatheter Mitral & Tricuspid heart valves replacement solution for the treating patients. The valves are used mainly for the treatment for high-risk patients, with valves decreases by trans-femoral or trans-jugular procedures.

Our inimitability is that we have developed an “out of the box” design methodology especially for this purpose as the technology development was done with the primary requirement to give a solution for a wide range of patients with high clinical constraints and to be adaptive to most of the patients.

The development of our unique technology focused on three specific challenges that will bring our advantage, and all is patented:

  1. Patient’s Mortality: Our solution reduces procedure and post-procedure mortality radically.
  2. Heart and Blood Vessels Morphologies: We aim to reach a wide range of patients with our revolutionary product. From patient’s with small blood vessels, all the way to patients with large size heart valves.
  3. Procedure Ergonomic: Our solution was developed with physicians for physicians and concentrated on a reliable and simple implantation procedure.