About US

Vong Medical has achieved the ultimate goal, to be among the few, if any, who have an optimal Mitral and Tricuspid heart valve replacement for Trans-Femoral and Jugular Vein Procedures having an adaptive valve capabilities meeting Doctors and Physicians requirements with the most ergonomic system for a straight forward procedure.

Despite the tremendous advances in medical therapies, heart failure remains the #1 killer worldwide. Prevalence of significant Mitral or Tricuspid regurgitation is high and a valve replacement is needed and not only a repair.

VONG Medical has developed a Mitral and Tricuspid Self-Adaptive Valve replacement for transfemoral or trans-jugular implantation for all valves sizes and eliminating the fatal risk of complication from Paravalvular Leak (PVL) for patients deemed high-risk for surgery, as it will significantly reduce procedure time and patient risk.

A dedicated novel Development Methodology and Manufacturing Process were developed, an “Out Of The Box” design approach, that has enabled to develop first Self-Adaptive Valve for Mitral and Tricuspid replacement that meets all required features for a trans-femoral or trans-jugular approach, and is reflected in the extended range of the valve dynamic performance.

Vong Medical has developed since early 2018 and continue to improve the development of Mitral Valve Replacement System for Trans-Femoral Procedure and Tricuspid Valve Replacement System for Jugular Vein Procedure to treat people suffering from heart valves male-functions.